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DSI Studio is a software for diffusion MRI processing, including DTI, DSI, and QBI reconstruction as well as fiber tracking. Among the features of DSI Studio are distributed computing and multithread calculation to generate tractographies as well as the ultrafast 3D engine based on DirectX.

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TE Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI),
TE Q-ball imaging (QBI) using Funk-Radon transform or Spherical hormonic based transformation.
TE Diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI)
TE Generalized Q-sampling Imaging (GQI)

Supported image format:
TE DICOM (multi-slices/mosaic)
TE Analyze/NIFTI
TE bruker 2dseq

TE Stream-line tracking with the aid of regions of passing and/or regions of avoidace.
TE Supported file format for input ROI: text file, Analyze, NIFTI
TE Supported file format for output tracts: text file, TrackVis .trk file, Matlab mat file.
TE Generate simulated images based on the bi-exponential model with user-specific b-tables.
TE Tracking can be boosted by multi-core CPU or distributed computing.

TE ROI based analysis: able to export the FA value, fiber directions and ADC of each voxel to text files or MAT files (for Matlab)
TE Track specific analysis: able to obtain FA values according to track coordinates and export related information to text files or MAT files(for Matlab)
TE All the result generated (DTI, QBI, DSI, tractography... etc) from DSI Studio can be directly imported by Matlab.
TE Load trk files generated by TrackVis

TE Insert T1/T2 images in tractography by linear transform with mutual information as cost function.

TE Real time 3D tractography presentation
TE Tracks selection, deletion, cutting function
TE 3D Regions presentation
TE ODF visualization

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: MRI analysis   DICOM analyzer   NIFTI analuzer   MRI   DICON   NIFTI  

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